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 Special Clothes

20.11.2009 01:45
Sims 3 Conversions? antworten

Wow- some of your clothes are really amazing! It's such a shame that I only have Sims 3! I love fantasy and historical costumes... Do you know if there was any way you could convert them to sims 3? I have no clue how to do anything of the sort, and how difficult it is- I know the sims 3 has only been out for a little while, but there are only very few historical and fantasy clothes so far! In the meantime, I will just continue to stare at the clothes on this site rather longingly...

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Half Elf

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02.01.2010 18:58
#2 RE: Sims 3 Conversions? antworten

Hey there,
we only create sims 2 clothes and for now it's not possible that you can have the clothes in your game (I think?). Im really sorry :/


31.01.2010 14:42
#3 RE: Sims 3 Conversions? antworten

Oh, that's a shame- but perhaps a little later... (I know you can convert sims 2 clothes to sims 3, so perhaps after a while...) But I do understand, if you only create for sims 2- but thank you anyway...

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